Welcome to OTIS, wedding photography by Rob Cleary.

I may have the chance to spend one of the most significant days of your life with you, and I consider that a real honor.

I'm sure you're asking, "Who is OTIS?"
The real answer is that there's no hidden meaning, just a name that I've been fond of since childhood.
However, OTIS represents a
passion for capturing the people I've gotten to know and a desire to share their stories through the media I love.

I was born in the midwest, but grew up moving around the world; affording me the opportunity to experience vastly different cultures.
The list of my adventures is a mile long, but a few highlights include being hunted by lions in South Africa,
eating fish & chips with Sherlock Holmes in London, and sleeping in a monastery in the middle of France.
My passion for photography developed on safaris when my mom put her camera in my hands and I tried to spot animals in the bush before our tracker.
Now, I'm based in Los Angeles and I photograph love stories. You can check out my commercial photography and film work here.

No matter the art form, I find excitement in the pursuit of the undiscovered and fulfillment in the details of a beautiful moment.
I'm always looking for the next opportunity to capture a sunset or snowfall, wherever it may be,
so get in touch and let's start a conversation about the beautiful moments you've been dreaming about.




Do you travel for weddings?
All the time.
Don't worry if your wedding isn't local - I've got a credit card with lots of miles.
We can figure it out.

How many photos do we get in the end?
For a 7 hour wedding, it's usually around 800 provided in color and black & white.
For a 2 hour engagements session, it's usually around 80 provided in color and black & white.
All photos are individually edited and hosted on your own gallery site for download plus a thumb drive.

How long does it take to get our photos/film?
At most 120 days.

Do you have commercial insurance?
Yes, and can provide a COI if necessary

What's your pricing and how do we book you?
I'm glad you asked. Please fill out the contact form here and I'll send over my pricing PDF.